Jobu Jr.3 Kit, Factory 2nd

Jobu Jr.3 Kit, Factory 2nd

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Part Number:BWG-J3K - 2ND
Our regular Jobu Jr.3 gimbal head, in factory 2nd condition.

Powdercoating is an imperfect process. It can be affected by heat, humidity, and other factors, so sometimes we get a batch of products that doesn't quite meet our high standards for finish. Anodizing bears the same fate. If 2 parts touch in a tank, you get a small white spot that refuses to absorb color. You can't really fix these small flaws, but they don't affect a think mechanically. Other times, buttery fingers drop an Allen wrench onto a part and small scratches turn up. It happens.

We have a few Jr.3 units in stock with almost invisible paint blemishes, anodizing blemishes, scratches under the paint, etc. You really have to look hard to find them.

Don't forget, in the first hour of your use, your gimbal will likely have more marks and blemishes on it than anything we could possibly do to it straight from the factory.

These are 100% new and factory fresh with full warranty. If you are not concerned about cosmetics, then they are a great deal! Don't forget - you can always get a Lenscoat cover to hide any marks!

Sorry, no further discounts on 2nds!!!

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