Loyalty Program


Jobu Design offers an upgrade program for folks who wish to take advantage of product improvements.

Upgrades are only available in a few specific variations, as certain manufacturing conditions cannot always allow products to be substituted for one another in a simple manner at home.


In order to qualify for an upgrade, you must:

  1. Be the original owner of the equipment.
  2. Show a proof of purchase from the Jobu Design factory store or an authorized reseller.
  3. You must return the original equipment to the Devonshire Manufacturing Group, Inc. factory for exchange. You cannot keep an old product and get a new one for a discount (that's cheating!)
  4. You must pay for shipping to and from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.
  5. Contact us for shipping details and customs information.

Unless you are upgrading just one component of your gimbal then you will receive a new gimbal head, fresh out of a box. Not a refurbished or rebuilt model.

Current cash-rebate offers, valid through August 2017:

  1. Jr. 1, BWG-LW, BWG-HD (originals) = $50 trade-in value
  2. Jr.2, BWG-LW2, BWG-HD2 (2nd Generation) = $100 trade-in value
  3. Jr.3 (BWG-J3K), or Jr.3 DLX (BWG-J3DLX), current models, older style = $150 trade-in value
  4. BWG-LW3, BWG-HD3, BWG-Pro (last generation mid-size gimbals) = $150 trade-in value
  5. BWG-Pro2 (latest version, now discontinued) = $200 trade-in value
Certain items do not need to go through the loyalty program for product improvements. Ie, if you have a recent BWG-Pro you can upgrade the swing-arm to the newest version by purchasing the HM-Pro2 accessory kit. The above prices are for a direct swap of old-product for new.

If you have any questions about the upgrades, or are unsure about your equipment requirements, please contact us directly at [email protected]