Jobu gimbals on travel-type tripods with center columns extended.

Posted by Jobu Tech Team on 9/25/2013
Should you use a Jobu Design gimbal head on a tripod with a center column, or something heavier? Most users start off with a lightweight tripod for landscape and travel, here we show you why this isn't necessarily a good idea when using one of our gimbal heads.



Date: 8/15/2015
I find it a bit surprising that tripods with center columns are so common. In my opinion, the main benefit of a tripod is quick and precise height adjustments. Which is probably very convenient in a studio but usually doesn't matter that much for a wildlife or landscape photogapher. The center column also creates the need for a separate table top tripod or ground pod because the center column makes it impossible to get low with the regular one. I bet a small and light "travelers tripod" with four or five leg sections and no center column could be a lot better than the regular small tripods.

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