Panning Knob for JR3/LW3/HD3
Panning Knob for JR3/LW3/HD3

Replacement Tilt Knob - Jr.3, HD3, HD4

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Part Number:Jr.3 + HD3 Tilt knob
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Dropped your gimbal and broke the tilt knob? (this is the top-knob on your gimbal that controls the swing-arm)
Did you overdo it, and unscrew it, losing it in the tall grass?
Or, you just want to keep a spare in your bag?

Our standard overmolded female knob is a very high quality US-made product.
A comfortable overmolded rubber texture makes this knob very 'grippable' under all weather conditions.

1/4"-20 standard thread fits the following gimbals and items:

Jr3 and Jr.3 DLX Tilt knob (upper)
HD3 and HD4 Tilt knob (upper)
BWG-M1 Micro Gimbal

Ships with:
1. Knob
2. Custom Jobu  1/4"-20 x 1.3" long socket cap screw
3. 2x Spring Washer (we recommend 2 if they fit for better smoothness, stacked like a hamburger bun).
4. 1x 1/4" flat washer, if space permits, or if the fit is too loose. You may not require this washer.
5. 5/32" (4mm) Hex key (stainless)

The knob is not difficult to install, but setting the correct function can be tricky. Once changed from the original factory setting, you may need to play with the amount of washers to get a good fit (from 180 degrees to 360 rotation for locking function, and best 'feel').

If you cannot get the knob to work properly, or it unwinds, or goes in too deep, then you may need to glue (Blue Loctite) the screw in place within the gimbal.

If you can't sort it out, please send your product to our factory where we can fix your gimbal, or other item, and get it back to factory specs.

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