Tech Tip - Jobu Jr3 Kit vs. Jr.3 Deluxe Kit

Posted by Jobu Tech Team on 7/30/2013

A super common question for us at Jobu Design - what is the difference between the Jobu Jr.3 kit (BWG-J3K) and the Jr.3 Deluxe (BWG-J3KDLX)?

The Jr.3 Kit has a swing-arm that is made of two components: the swing-arm itself + a removable quick release clamp. This is a carry-over design from the previous Jr.2 model that was available in 2 formats, as a swing-arm version, or side-mount gimbal. The Jr.3 is very versatile since it can be reconfigured any time into a side-mount gimbal head, simply by swapping the position of the quick release.

The Jr.3 Deluxe is the newest version of the Jr.3 family. The only difference is in the swing-arm: The quick release is built-in to the swing-arm, so it cannot be converted into a side-mount gimbal without additional accessories (such as the QRR-STD-K kit). The Jr.3 DLX is lighter than the regular version, plus the integrated quick release allows bigger lenses to fit onto the gimbal since it has 1/2" more swing-capacity.

Which is right for you? Both are great and functionally similar, but if you are choosing heavier lenses with tall lens-feet, then the Jr.3 DLX may offer more clearance and better handling. For most people, the Jr.3 regular kit is more versatile, plus it can be converted to the DLX kit down the road if the user has a specific need.



Date: 10/26/2014
Why would I want a side mount? have new tamron 150-600 lens and sony cameras. 580 and my buy the new 77. so which would i want or does it matter?
Harry Selsor
Date: 4/28/2015
I have the original JOBU Jr 3. I use a Canon 7D Mk II camera and a 100-400mm lens for bird photography. I want to start using my Canon 600 RT flash in an off camera mount arm. What flash arm extension do I need for this configuration and how specifically do I mount the extender. The pictures I see show them putting the extension into the swing arm arca mount plate where I should be putting the 100-400mm lens instead? I need a picture :) Harry
Date: 12/17/2015
A mechanical drawing for each of the two JR3 variants would be appreciated, Most interested in the distance from the center of the swing arm clamp to the inside edge of the swing-arm vertical section. I am trying to determine what the max lens diameter would be for both of the JR3s. I know that the deluxe provides a little bit more room but no way to determine if I will need it. Thanks.
YT Too
Date: 4/11/2016
Hi, I am using a Jobu Jr2 now with Canon 400mm F5.6 len, and I am looking at Canon 300mm F2.8, can I just buy a Delux swing arm so that it can convert my current setup to handle a big diameter len. Thanks.
Date: 4/29/2016
beyond the fact that it is recommended or not, you can mount optics larger type 500mm 800mm f4 or f5.6

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