Why use replacement feet?

Posted by Administrator on 11/5/2013
Lensplates are the primary way that customers mount a plate to their lenses so that they can achieve proper balance on a Jobu gimbal head. Lately, however, we have been pushing customers more and more to use Jobu Replacement Feet for their original foot collars. Here's an overview of why.
Lensplate Pros:
  • Lensplates are adjustable. Multiple hole locations, slots and the option of reversing a plates direction offer many choices to get the best balance for a lens.
  • Lensplates generally fit many different lenses and can thus be swapped for convenience.
  • Lensplates are quite a bit less expensive than replacement feet.
Lensplate Cons:
  • Lensplates often just plain don't fit well. No matter how many styles we offer, someone always finds a lens, scope or optic of some sort from WWII that we don't have a perfect fit for. Like shoes and feet, there is no perfect shoe for every person on the planet.
  • Lensplates add to the stack height of a lens (by adding 0.38"). This often can upset the balance of the lens and make it unusable in a gimbal head by pushing the center of gravity over the tilt axis.
  • Lensplates, can, and often get loose due to the movement of the plates and screws. Any small shifts in assembly or temperature can affect the tightness of the screws, they should be checked often for security.
Replacement Foot Pros:
  • Replacement feet perfectly fit your lens and offer reduced stack height, making lenses work better on a gimbal head. This is a great solution, and highly recommended, for lenses (We're talking to you, Nikon!) that have REALLY tall foot collars. Adding a plate to an already tall Nikon 500/F4 VR is NOT recommended at all (or the 300F2.8, 600F4, 400F2.8, 200-400, etc.)
  • Replacement feet don't come loose. The tightly pitched threads make things less prone to separating from use and transport.
Replacement Foot Cons:
  • Although we design our Jobu replacement feet to balance with both heavy pro-size cameras and lightweight consumer cameras, there are often situations where things just don't balance out. Adding flash, converters, L brackets, neoprene covers, and other accessories can move the balance point past the length of the lens foot (either forward or backward).
  • Replacement feet are more expensive than lensplates.

Important tip! When using Replacement Feet, always check to ensure that the original manufacturer's screws do not protrude farther on the replacement foot than the stock foot. If the screws appear to be longer, DO NOT USE IT. Please contact Jobu Design for alternate hardware.



Kevin Fairburn
Date: 1/6/2014
Do you have a foot for a Nikon 200mm F2 VII? Also which foot should I use for my Nikon 300mm F2 VII? Thank you very much for your time.
Uwe Hoffmann
Date: 2/19/2015
What replacement lens feet would I need for my Tamron SP 150-600mm f/5-6.3 Di VC USD Lens for Canon, or respectively for my Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM contemporary Lens for Canon to attach them to the Jobu Pro2 Gimbal? Do I need a different type of attachment to directly attach my Canon 60D with the Canon BG-E9 Battery Grip attached? The tripod I am currently using is the Manfrotto 055XWNB aluminum wilderness tripod with a safety payload of 14.43 lbs. I have calculated total weight of camera, lens, gimbal, and battery grip at 10.5 Lbs. . Not extended do you think this would be a safe platform for my combo until I can replace it with your tripod? I am looking forward to your respose. Sincerely, Uwe Hoffmann
David Boydj
Date: 5/18/2015
Will you be developing a replacement foot for the Sigma 150-600 sport?
Date: 9/10/2015
Same question: Will you be developing a replacement foot for the Sigma 150-500 Sport ?
Date: 9/10/2015
CORRECTION: Will you be developing a replacement foot for the Sigma 150-600 Sport ?
Jobu Tech
Date: 9/11/2015
The 150-600 sport foot was delayed by our development plans since Sigma had announced they would make their own version. Apparently this Sigma foot is now available but extremely expensive and not compatible with the North American 'Arca-Swiss standards'. As so, yes we will make our own version to save weight and improve balance. Please stay tuned to the website and our FaceBook page for an announcement.
Bruce Kennedy
Date: 12/13/2015
The new Nikkor 150-500 mm lens mounting foot does not fit into the lens plate of my Jobu jr. 3. Will you have a replacement foot for this lens?
Date: 1/13/2016
Is there a replacement foot for the Nikon 200-500 lens? Is the replacement foot used instead of the lens plate or do I require both? I plan on ordering your Jobu Jr.3 Deluxe. My lens will be mounted on a Nikon D800. Thank you.
David Nicol
Date: 2/13/2016
Do you have a replacement foot for the Sigma 150-600 Contemporary. The one with the lens is too short - makes it hard to carry. Trying to source a longer one.
Ken Johnston
Date: 5/24/2016
Do you have a recommendation for which one of your gimbal heads to use with the sigma 150-600 sport and your replacement foot?
John Pawlak
Date: 8/29/2016
Is there a dedicated replacement foot for the Nikon 200-500mm lens ? I have the Jobu Jr. 3 Deluxe gimbal & not sure what foot to use. Will a LF-N604 do the job ?

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