Jobu gimbals on travel-type tripods with center columns extended.

Posted by Jobu Tech Team on 9/25/2013
Should you use a Jobu Design gimbal head on a tripod with a center column, or something heavier? Most users start off with a lightweight tripod for landscape and travel, here we show you why this isn't necessarily a good idea when using one of our gimbal heads.

Heavy lenses and light cameras, how to balance them

Posted by Jobu Tech Team on 9/20/2013
A typical balance problem we see is a heavy lens coupled with a heavy camera unable to work on a gimbal head. We have several simple solutions.

Using Wide Angle Lenses in a Gimbal (or lenses with no collar)

Posted by Jobu Tech Team on 9/20/2013
Small lenses, or lenses otherwise without a tripod-collar foot) can still be mounted and used in gimbals. Here we illustrate a few different ways to achieve this.

What's the deal? Side-mount vs. Top-Mount

Posted by Jobu Tech Team on 9/19/2013
We often forget that the terminology we use in our shop and design offices doesn't make sense to our customers. One typical area is the top-mount vs. side-mount gimbal debate.