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  • Where are your products made?
    All of our products are designed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We source our components from Canadian, US and overseas (only when necessary and no other options exist). All of our products qualify as made-in-Canada. All of our quality control, and all final assembly, is done in-house. Products are shipped from our warehouse in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • What is the difference between the Jobu Jr. 3 and Jobu Jr.3 Deluxe models?
    The swing-arm is different! The Jobu Jr.3 standard uses a 2 part design where a separate Quick-Release clamp attaches to the "J" shaped swing-arm. This modular design allows the Quick-Release Clamp to be reconfigured to create a side-mount gimbal head. The Deluxe model has the Quick-Release built-in to the swing-arm itself, so it is lighter and about 3/8" deeper allowing for lenses (such as the Nikon 200-500) to balance better due to it's tall lens foot. Overall, the Deluxe is lighter, has more swing-capacity for tall lens feet. The Jr.3 standard is modular and less expensive.
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