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For those of you still loving your older Jobu products you can still upgrade your BWG-Pro (model year 2009 to 2011) to the Pro2 CNC swing-arm model.


Easily upgradeable with a 5/32" allen wrench, the HM-Pro2 gives you a simple solution to increase the number of 'keeper' shots in your portolio. The new swing-arm is 100% CNC'd aluminum from a solid billet, hard-anodized, and completely Arca-Swiss compatible.


The quick release is now integrated into the swing-arm, meaning that we were able to reduce the number of components, increase finger clearance, and increase overall strength.

Highly recommended for 600mm F4 and larger lenses.


The vertical arm component is now also Arca-Swiss compatible meaning it will attach to a wide range of aftermarket accessories, like Flash Brackets (stay tuned for the new Jobu 2012 tool-less install brackets!)

BWG-Pro Horizontal Mount Upgrade

SKU: HM-Pro2
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