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The new HM-3 upgrade converts the Jobu Lightweight gimbal (BWG-LW2 or BWG-LW3) into a Jobu Heavy Duty (BWG-HD2 or BWG-HD3). The kit converts the standard sidemount lightweight (quick release mounted sideways) to a top-loading swing-arm.


The top-loading swing-arm improves balance characteristics of your gimbal by allowing balance in the vertical direction. It also centres all of your lenses as this function no longer depends on the height of your lens foot or diameter of the lens. This makes it more useful for panoramic photography, makes setup safer and faster and improves overall handling and use of the gimbal.


Please note: In order to DOWNGRADE a BWG-HD3 to a LW3, you need simply purchase the QRR-STD, or QRR-Pro quick release kits.

Horizontal Mount Upgrade MK III (converts BWG-LW3 to BWG-HD3, or LW2 to HD2)

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