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The Jobu Heavy Duty Mark IV is our standard gimbal head. We highly recommend it for all customers - it hits the mark on all specs: lightweight, easy to pack, exceedingly stiff and fluid in its movements. Works with virtually every lens on the market.


It picks up where the HD3 left off. We're never happy with the status quo, so we took the top-selling HD3 head and tweaked, revamped, and redesigned everywhere we could. This work resulted in a stunningly light gimbal head, just barely over 1000grams. 



  •  The DMG-HD4 is only 2lbs 2oz or 1010grams. Saving over 8oz on the BWG-HD3 - that is 1/2 a pound!
  • Seriously stiffer! The new CNC swing-arm is upgraded with a solid billet aluminum horizontal arm offering fantastic stiffness and improved vibration control for big lenses.
  • Smooth tilt action! We have implemented a needle bearing system similar to our Jr.3 to offer unparalleled smoothness in the tilt axis. Even with a large load of camera and lens, there is virtually zero friction.
  • Easily adjustable friction levels with the main tilt-knob to find the sweet-spot for motion control.
  • Easy to steer! Rubberized knobs are comfortable and easy on the hands and hold well under cold and wet conditions.
  • Powdercoat finish on the main body and black anodizing on all the aluminum parts makes for long term weatherability and durability.
  • NEW! Ships with the Surefoot SF-NXK kit lens plate for free. This 3.0" plate is suitable for smaller lenses or camera bodies, and is enough for most people to get practicing right away with their gimbal heads. We still recommend a custom-fit plate, but you will always find a use for this handy accessory. Includes allen keys and 1/4"-3/8" adapter bushing.
  • New! Camouflage dust-bag is also included with the DMG-HD4
  • Recommended load: 5-25lbs. Maximum Load: 50+ lbs, 22+ kg. (Routinely tested at weights of 100-200lbs without failure. A pointless specification, but we get asked, so there!)
  • The vertical height from the mounting platform to the center axis of the tilt is 4" or 102mm. This is roughly the maximum capacity of the lens (4" from center of lens to bottom of lens foot). In practical terms, it is not an accurate measure because the combined weight of the lensfoot + HD4 swing-arm + battery grip (or any other feature below the center axis) will INCREASE the real capacity by 0.5" or more. We provide this measurement as a guideline, but bigger lenses can operate properly.



  • Suitable for lenses and cameras weighing up to 25lbs (old 600mm F4 + Pro body + Converters + Replacement foot: No problem!).
  • A stiff tripod recommended for up to 25+lbs of load. 3/8"-16 mounting stud required. Like the Jobu Algonquin tripod, TCF-36
  • A Jobu Design lensplate or replacement collared-foot matched for your lens.
  • A lens with a rotating tripod collar. (Short lenses, or wide angles require the WAA3. wide angle adapter, see Special Mounts)

Jobu Heavy Duty MK IV

C$659.00 Regular Price
C$569.00Sale Price
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