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Our standard Arca-Swiss compatible quick release is used on nearly every product in the Jobu line. Continually refined over the years, our quick releases are smooth, robust, free of sharp corners and useable in any conditions due to the stainless steel hardware and springs used internally.

Buy one of these to upgrade an old Jobu gimbal head, convert a head into a sidemount (ie, a BWG-HD3 can become a LW3 with this kit), or create your own custom project. We've installed these in 3D camera kits, shoulder-stocks supports, mounting rails, you name it... we've probably done it.


2 holes spaced 0.6" apart make for a solid non-rotating platform: once installed you can stop worrying about your equipment loosening up from rotation and vibration. A much better solution than the typical single-hole and slot configuration.


Includes 2x 1/4"-20 flat head screws and 5/32 allen wrench.

Quick Release - Standard 2.5"

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