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Replacement Foot for Canon 500F4 IS

Back in stock due to high demand. The Canon 500mm F4 IS is a well loved classic lens with great image quality that can be had for a fraction of the cost of new RF or previous generation lenses. Lots of used ones are popping up on the market for $2500 or so and folks that know, know.

This is a rather unique foot with a different mounting pattern than later generation lenses, so you cannot mix-and-match feet from different models or years. The IS 1 and IS 2 are completely unique.

  • Length: 5.5"
  • Height: 1.35"
  • Weight: 172g, 6 oz
  • Includes: 2.5mm stainless allen wrench and 2x installed #4-40 safety screws
  • Arca-swiss profile (double-dovetail) with flash bracket mounting area (our FB-TM2 fits perfect)

Replacement Foot for Canon 500F4 IS

SKU: LF-C504
C$120.00 Regular Price
C$105.00Sale Price
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