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Tilt knob replacement for Jr.3 or HD3 and HD4 gimbal heads.


This includes the rubber-coated knob (the knob is a female-style knob with a 1/4"-20 through-hole thread", not the same as the panning knob).


Includes 1/4"-20x 1.4" stainless steel screw, 2x spring washers (for compression and feel) and 1x plain washer (for spacing adjustment). You do not need to use the plain washer. It is only for reducing the number of turns in the tilt if it feels too loose.


If you have lost the 'sandwich' of thrust bearings for your HD4 or Jr.3 please see our other items for the specific version you require. The knob package here + the thrust bearing set is a complete replacement for each product.


We recommend checking the tilt knob snugness with a 5/32 or 4mm allen wrench before important outings to make sure it is not loose. Don't lose your tilt knobs! It happens often enough and requires only a moment to ensure your equipment is safe. Maintain your equipment! It is not a product fault.


Includes 5/32" allen wrench for install. We recommend using some Blue loctite on the tip of the threads before re-installing. Clean all threaded components thoroughly with 70% alcohol before re-installing with loctite and wait a minimum of 24 hours before use.

Replacement Tilt Knob - Jr.3, HD3, HD4

SKU: Jr.3 + HD3 Tilt knob
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