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Did you lose a screw, a washer, a nut a bolt, a safety screw? Did you strip a bolt trying to repair it? Do you need an allen key because you lost yours and you don't know what size it is?

Well, we are here to help!

But, things have changed. It's 2023 and shipping costs have gone through the roof. We can no longer afford to just 'throw it in the mail' as the new security features for mail do not allow us to mail any metal items through regular mail in a regular envelope. Please don't ask us to do this because the parts NEVER arrive anymore.


It USED to cost $1-2 to mail screws. Now, the average cost to mail anything in Canada/USA is $25CAD for airmail or tracked package. There is NO magic discount we have to get it to you magically for free. Couriers cost even more.


So, tell us what you need. We won't charge for small items, but the shipping is no longer free.

The shipping cost is $25CAD (plus applicable taxes).


Items that can fit in a small padded envelope are:

  1. Set screws for tripods
  2. Hex/Allen keys
  3. Lens screws for lensplates
  4. Small flat washers
  5. Small springs and discs for rubber knobs
  6. Small fluted QR knobs (under 1.0" diameter)
  7. Any other item under 10g weight and under 10mm height

Does not apply to rubber knobs (tilt and panning knobs) or rubber feet for tripods.



Small Lost Parts and Shipping

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