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Surefoot Clamp Plate

This amazingly useful product allows you to create a 'foot' under your camera body for those situations where you shooting with a non-collared lens. This means your kit lens (like a 70-300) or a wide-angle (like a 35mm prime) can be used on a gimbal head and retain the ability to slide the camera fore-and-aft so you can still balance it in the gimbal. It's harder to describe than to use!


Important! You do need a camera body plate (like the SF-BP1) or an L bracket on your camera body already in order to have the SF-CP1 to have an Arca-Swiss attachment point.


6" of fore-aft travel

Made of 6061-T6 aluminum

Black anodized with scale for positioning (useful for macro)

Requires a body-plate for complete usage.

Surefoot Clamp Plate

C$69.00 Regular Price
C$49.00Sale Price
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